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WF100 CAB Non marking felt

---writing/printing paper,high quality paper,excellent choose.

  To avoid the felt mark on the paper, and included to solve the problem of mechanical marking of press roll,using smooth and soft felt,majority not too modern paper machines which making high quality paper must be chosen of these felt,it was WF100 non marking felt.


PP100CAB Super flat smooth felt

---high speed,high quality and high pressure as a necessary conditions

  Toward to modern pressure,suction and high pressure shower system of modern paper machines,appear of double layer base felt.Felt producer provided wider of desigh range in order to make felt optimal develop in dewatering,life time and surface of the felt. This also called high pressure felt,it’s not shrinkage and to ward grade paper to design base structure.

  To keep stability,good life time and good recovered of high pressure or new type of high pressure system of big press roll to obtain paper quality special requirement.


SPCAB.PPCAB Anti pollution felt

---efficient for recycle waste water

  With the progress of the environmental protection undertaking, the water pollution control of every paper industries get better and better,some have ever reached the goal of recycle water.Because in the paper industries water recycled, the water quality(PH, microorganism,silt,filler,etc)becomes bad, dirt,clogged and chemical reaction caused felt clogged and wearing quickly, influenced deeply of paper quality. To solving the problem of felt clogged of pulp and dirty water.






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