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   First, before installation check blankets, cards, then follow the direction of the arrow and the line on the right.

   Second, the blankets on the channel guide rod, vacuum chamber should be cleaned and inspected with no scale, no injuries, smooth, parallel in the correct position.

   Third, the stretching rollers must be installed correctly used in the blankets back in blankets after the main pressure resulting from wide to narrow circles.

    Four, installed to prevent with butter, oil to avoid the resulting deformation of water filters.

Five, blankets in all roller is in the center position on the line and length and flatten to smooth out wrinkles and prevent distortion.(Special note blanket is not fully flatten not too
Tension and compression results in blankets and equipment damage.)
    Six, first using fan-shaped spray water on low speed even under wet blankets to protect and improve blankets run function.(Includes press, down on the blanket, blanket the various parts.)

    Seven, tensioned blankets reached the run length.Super wide must be cut off.

Eight, pressure and open the vacuum box.(Note: the vacuum box on the back to clean blankets blankets, discharge water recovery function is very important, especially BOM
Carpet is not omitted.)


Special attention to the blankets back roller configuration:
1 roll to participate in, and the main pressure waves roll back in a blanket for the purpose.

2, show roller roller distance behind as far as possible, to prevent the blanket caused by show grooves on the roller wave climbing guide rollers much ado about nothing.

3, return rollers distance pulled in (2--3 m) to reduce the angle, reducing blanket detour.

4, back in the tank after the General is in a stable state.


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